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Kerry-anne Corgi Bedford

Love the transformation Black Lion has done for my daughter. I've never seen her so passionate and committed to anything like this before. It's like she has a fire in her belly and has finally found her niche.Excellent instructors!! A great environment for all! Give it a go! You'll love it!!

Andrew Jones

My Daughter and I have started training here over the last few weeks. We are both enjoying it very much, fantastic patient instructors and friendly atmosphere! Looking forward to many years of training to come...

Jenni Kettle

My 13yo son & 11yo daughter started their journey with Black Lion Martial Arts about 3 months ago. I came across Black Lion Martial Arts school by accident one morning whilst coming out of the gym. My first impression was 'how great to see a Martial Arts school that is fitted with proper equipment' after all if I choose my gym by the quality of equipment they use I see no reason why my children should be any different.

When my children finished their complimentary first lesson they were both so enthusiastic about the whole place, my son straight away said that they should attend 3 times a week to keep the momentum going. I was thrilled to hear him say this because to me, children are so pure that they have a good perception about places and about people. The private lessons that comes with the membership is a great bonus, my kids learn so much from one lesson to the next.

They both love attending core sessions & just love coming to Martial Arts. Some weeks they want to attend 4 times, that's a good sign that they are still enjoying & loving what they do. Recently we watched our son perform his grading for his yellow sash - WOW - what a performance! I take my hat off to Chief & Mr Abel. You guys are doing such an amazing job. So great to see children develop a positive energy, enthusiastic smiles & extra confidence. Thank you so much.

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