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End of summer party


Black Lion invites all current students and their family and friends to join us for a celebration of the end of summer (just a reason to get together and have a barbie really).

We are hoping to get together as many students as possible to take our first official Black Lion school picture on this day. This will be hung up in the school and will be seen around the world on Grandmaster's website as the official picture of the school as well.

You might also get to see some of your instructors performing a few high level forms.

  • Type of party: Potluck (please bring a plate of something to share or something of that nature) - snags and limited drinks will be provided
  • When: March 31st from 2:00 pm onwards (realise this is first Saturday of school holidays but hopefully everyone won't leave on holidays)
  • Where: At Black Lion School out the back in student area
  • What to wear/bring: Can all students please wear Black Lion uniforms for the picture and bring fold-out chairs or the like
End of summer party
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