Kung Fu

Have you ever thought about trying martial arts?

Are you in the Brisbane, Queensland area?

At Black Lion Martial Arts, our motto is “Challenge yourself…for life!”. Whether you choose to join a school or not, we encourage everyone to challenge yourself every day, in ways both big and small, to reach higher, search further, and never settle for less.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi training provides a fun and exciting way to improve your health, gain confidence, and learn self defence. Many people have an interest in martial arts but worry about being beat up the first day of training or being embarrassed in front of others. At Black Lion, we eliminate these worries by providing a safe and inclusive environment and we do our best to ensure all of our students share this goal.

Come and try our one-on-one, private introductory course (2 lessons for $20 total). This gives you a chance to see what the school is all about and try out our unique training style. It also gives us the ability to gauge your current level so we can set up the most suitable training program if/when you decide to move forward as a member of the school.

Just call 0432 295 446 to make an appointment with our Chief Instructor, Sifu Gabe Nicklas, today.