Tai Chi

Tai Chi is often mistakenly thought of, in the western world, as a slow motion, “waving arms”, sort of calisthenics for elderly people who “can’t” work out in any other way. While Tai Chi has tremendous benefits for overall stress relief, body rejuvenation, and mental acuity, the true art of Tai Chi is nothing like those more basic stereotypes.

The origins of Tai Chi date back many centuries and focused on the perfecting of self defense techniques through slow motion practice and utilising leverage and common physics to allow a smaller person to defend themselves against a much larger opponent. When practiced properly, Tai Chi, besides having incredible health benefits, is a very powerful and formidable martial art. Tai Chi also inspires one to focus internally to harness the energy that is within us all and channel that out through one’s body.

Tai Chi Chuan, in particular, provides incredible benefits to students of all ages. At Black Lion, we tailor every training program to the individual, so no matter your level of fitness, you can be sure to find your training suitable but challenging.

Note that, unlike most other martial arts schools, a membership at Black Lion entitles a student to unlimited group classes as well as a one on one private lesson every week with their own instructor.

For more information about Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, please use the following links:

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